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Two weeks already...time goes so fast Eva Pasquereau

Monday, September 12th 10:30 pm

Morgan Wallen as loud as possible in my ears ( yes, I definitely think that Maggie infected me with country music !!) and here I am, starting my first post to tell you about my canadian experience.

It's been two weeks already that I left my family and friends. So many things happened and unfortunately I won't be able to share you everything, but for the next weeks, I'll trie to post more frequently.

The first week, we were still in vacation so I had the opportunity to do a lot of activities and to get to know her friends. We went to Canada's wonderland, in Toronto. It's a amusement park, with a lot of scary (but sooo fun) roller costers. It rained all day so there was nobody and we were able to enjoy well all attractions (we were also soaked but it's only a triviality !) I tried their speciality : the funnel cake (photo).

Basically, it's fries pastry with ice cream and strawberries.... As you guessed that was delicious. I had my first canadian party too :) We had so much fun, I met new people and everyone is super nice and they all are very surprised and impressed when I tell them that I'm from France.

To sum up, I have a ball here, in Canada : I get on very well with Maggie, I met some really nice people, and my host family is super sweet, they made me feel like home as soon as I arrived.

Last Tuesday I had my first at school, but I will talk to you about that in an other post because it's time to go to bed ;)

By and see you soon xxx

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