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A few days of volunteering

Mis à jour : 10 sept. 2019

On Tuesday and Wednesday I went with my exchange partner to a summer music camp for little kids to help her piano teacher who has created this camp.

The children have learned about music like how draw the treble and the bass clef on a staff or how many beats are each notes. We also have done some rythmes with cups, it was really nice. And at the break they have drawn on the sidewal with chalk. Finally she taught them how built an origami piano.

I really enjoyed it because personally I play piano for 10 years and I liked pass on my liking for music.

And yesterday we’ve done some voluntary for “habitat for humanity”: it’s an association who built habitats for people in need. We were there because in my school the students have to do 40 hours of volunteering in the year, it’s a lot but I find it’s good that they must do that. So our work was to cook the breakfast and the lunch for the others volunteers. I could talk with some of them and I met a friend of my exchange partner who was really kind.

And I like cooking so I had a good time.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks for reading !


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