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Unusual courses!

I love high school in Canada! Especially the rhythm which is much better than is France.

Indeed, here I start classes at 9am and end them at 3 pm whereas in France, I start them at 8:20 am and end them at 5:40pm. It's happiness! Moreover, the young Canadians have the chance to have courses, which for us, french, are out of the ordinary. Between cooking classes, parenting classes, acting classes or photography classes, you don't know what to choose. Of course, they also have more "traditional" courses such as math, science and english. Their system is not at all like ours: it works by trimester/semester where they have to choose 4 courses that will make up their day and that they will have to take during the trimester/semester. And yes, every day, they repeat the exact same day as the day before.

I will now tell you about a typical day in a Canadian high school, an this will be my day :).

First of all, the bus picks up me, my correspondent, her brother and her sister at 8:30am. We arrive at the school at 8:35am (and yes, the journey is really fast) where we meet our friends. Classes start at 9 am. For my part, it's off to the kitchen, where every

day we prepare lunch for students who want to eat what we prepare. Indeed, there is no cafeteria, so the students have the possibility to bring their own meal or to eat what we prepare in cooking class the same morning. After cooking well, I go to a parenting class, where we learn how to take care of children and how to make good decisions about children and their education. Then, it's finally the lunch break, that I spend with my correspondent and her friends. I then go on to english and finally math. In my Canadian high school, the classes last 1h15 each time. Then, it's time to go home at 3pm. Since Canadians have a slower pace than in France, they don't have a "recreation" break during the day, only a 50 min lunch break.

I find that you feel much better in high school in Canada because there is less stress, the pace is more flexible and everyone gets along well. It's really nice!!!

Daphné Charrier

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