• Martin Anger


When we arrived, Tavish and his team had to played 2 games. Unfortunately, they lost the both 1-1 and 1-3. For relax, during the evening, we went, with the team in an Italian restaurant, we had a good time :)

The Sunday, tavish had his last game, they lost 1-2 one more time,so the soccer tournament was done for them.

We leaved and went to Vancouver downtown. The city was awesome, everything is new and so different than French City. We went to the biggest park in Vancouver, and that was also very good.

We finally drove to westler, a skying City. In 2010, westler was hosting the Olympic Winter Games. That was my first time in a ski city because I never went to one in France. The Monday, we did 4 ziplines in a row with tavish and Carole. That was also very good and very funny.

During the way back to kamloops, we took some littles roads, all the landscape were very un similar than habitually, that was like in a western or Indian movie. That was a great car time but that took us more time, around 6 hours, so at the end we were extenuer but happy with the trip.

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