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Visiting Toronto and it surroundings

It has already been three weeks since the arrival here in Canada and so much things had happened!

Monday, August the 29th, Sara (my exchange partner) and I went to Toronto to visit the city for a day. My host family live in Vaughan. It's close to Toronto so it makes it easy to go downtown. We took the train and arrived quickly. It was sunny outside but quite cloudy so we decided we'll go at the top of the CN Tower another day. I saw it from the bottom and it's very impressive! We walked in the city for a moment between all the tall buildings. Then we took the tram to go in different districts. It was really colorful and multicultural : you can walk for a moment in Chinatown and then eat at a mediterranean restaurant a bit further. That's what we did. We ate a salad for lunch in a little restaurant after we passed next to the Casa Loma. It's a castle in the middle of Toronto at the top of the Davenport hill. There is a restaurant, a cute garden and at the front there is a big fountain. Finally we went back home by the subway after lunch. It was such a good day even if we walked a lot!

Another day, we went in the evening in the Distillery District in Toronto. It's an old district which was a whisky distillery in the past. Today there are a few shops, art galleries, outdoor sculptures and restaurants. We ate a pizza slice and went in some of the stores. It was almost completely dark outside so we could see the light garlands everywhere, it was so beautiful!


Saturday, September the 3rd, we went to the Niagara Falls. It was a few hours of drive but it was so worth it! First, we went to the city Niagara. It was so beautiful because the buildings were quite old and there were a lot of little stores. We ate an ice cream and went to the falls after. Over there we walked a bit along the fences and tried to see the falls even if there were many people. The water pressure is so strong that you can actually feel the water on your face as the rain. The water was very clear and blue and there was even a rainbow! We only walked the see the falls but you can also go on a boat to be closer. I think they give you a plastic raincoat, we can see people have red ones on the last picture. You can also go closer in an helicopter, we saw a few of them flying to the falls.

There are some bridges like the one on the third picture. If you cross them you are in the USA. But you can only see the falls like this on the Canadian side. Then, we visited a bit the area with all the shops, restaurants and more. There is a ferris wheel and also a big tower where you can take an elevator to the top and see the landscapes. Everything was very crowded! Then it was time to go back home...

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