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WE Day

Since I went to school I have lots of projects

One of my favorite projects is "WE Day"

Its consists of helping people in difficulty all over the world

At the moment we have been able to raise over $ 200

To thank all the people from Atlantic Provinces who participate in We Day

A rally was held in Halifax, in a hockey stadium; we were about 4,000 people, the rally was very much like a mix of concerts and speeches, but all the speeches were in English. I understood that the message was meant to be "like you".

I loved it, it was great

Since I arrived in this community I have noticed the well being is something that is very important,

it's nice to live here, in the morning I even thought to dress well to avoid judgment, I was finally able to dye my hair because before I was afraid that people judge me, I realize things that I wanted to do for a long time but I was afraid of judgment

I hope to keep my way of life when I return and to spread it, because I am sure that I am not the only one to have a fear of judgment.

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