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Dernière mise à jour : 5 sept. 2019

Hello, I’m Charline and it’s been almost two weeks that I’m in Canada. I’m sorry, I didn’t post before because I was very busy !

On the last week, I met my exchange partner (Mackenzie) and her family, they are so kind and very friendly ! I had the opportunity to discover their way of life. It’s not very different from ours. It’s just that they eat their dinner earlier than French people.

I also discovered her house and my room: it’s very pretty !

We visited the city where they live : Cambridge. I found it so nice and I very like this town !

On tuesday we went at their cottage in Southampton, it’s on the coast of the Huron Lake. I was quite nervous because I met Mackenzie’s friends but finally they are very cool !

We watched many tennis matches and we did tubing : it was very funny !

On the thursday night, we went at tennis club 70’s party: we danced a lot, it was great !

I also want to share to you some Southampton’s sunshine pictures : it’s beautiful

I hope you will enjoy reading this post and I see you for new adventures :)

Charline Brillouet

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