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Mis à jour : 29 août 2019

Hello! I’m back to give you some news about my trip. You already know about my first day, and I hope that you will enjoy this post.

It’s been two weeks that I have been in Canada and I already have learned a lot. On the first Monday and Tuesday after my arrival we didn’t do much things because I was jet lagged. But on those evenings I met Lauren and Leah during a bachelor in paradise night at the neighbour‘s house which take place every Monday en Tuesday evenings.

On Wednesday my partner went to an appointment and after that we went with her grandparents to “Hutche’s” which is a really old fast food restaurant (1946) in Hamilton.

They also showed me houses called the ”painted houses“ because of their colouring. In the beginning those house were built by a German religious group in Grimsby.

Then on Friday we went to Niagara Falls to play eat and see fireworks and that was really fun I had a good time with my Canadian family (statue wax museum, 6D movie, karting).

On Saturday my partner was working at a Market so I went with she was selling granola and it was interesting to see how teenagers work.

I hope this post was helpful. I’m really happy about this first week because I had a lot of fun with my Canadian family.

See you soon, thanks for reading.


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