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~Back to school~

I’ve done my back to school on the 3rd of September in a public school called GSS.

Their is a lot of differences between Canadian and French school. First : they can be on their phones all the time if they want to even if they are doing a teamwork or If the thrasher is talking. They can also drink and eat during classes.When French teachers thinks that is disrespectful Canadian teachers thinks that is normal. Sometimes student skipps Class and teachers or school says nothing at all.

on the first week I followed my partner in her classes to get use to the school, they have only 4 classes per days so I finish Everyday at 14h10. On Friday I had to choose my subjects, so I went to the guidance and there I met the others exchange student ( 2french girls,1german girl). So now i Have history, Art , health care and civic. Our lunch break In France is 1h30 and here in Canada is only 45minutes

on the first week I met some of liv’s Friends I also had a locker (really american) but this day was really short and I was really happy to finally go back home and have a free afternoon.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed this post. The next one will be about Canada wonderland.

see you soon.

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