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The morning I wake up at 6:45 to get ready for school. I leave at 7:55 with my exchange partner Mariana and we go meet Hugh, Mariana’s friend, who goes to the same school. We walk for 15 mins to arrive at Cameron High Collegiate Institute: Mariana’s school.


My first class is English without Mariana, during the first two weeks I worked on poetry, it was really difficult but interesting.

After my english class I go for my history class which is without Mariana as well. During the first two weeks I studied European history, it was good to know the history and I just learned more vocabulary.


For lunch I go to Art Class with Mariana and Mariana’s friends to eat, her friends are really nice and funny.


Next, I have art class or media arts which depends on the day. In art class I am with Mariana and her friends.

In Media arts I am without Mariana and I learn how to use photoshop and 3D, I like it. I finish my school day at 2:30 and walk home with Mariana and Hugh.


In the afternoon I go to the swimming pool or to the weight room with Mariana.




 Mariana's friends















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