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 The school here is very different from France. First we have four periods and it’s the same everyday whereas in France we can have up to eight classes in a day and the timetable is different! In each period there is different people in our classes and everyone has a different timetable.  Here, people can go out of the class whenever they want to do laps in the school to talk with friends or to go to the toilet. As well as use their phones in class and listen to music. The teacher in the classes are very chill they are very helpful. They rarely get mad and always laugh with the students. In class we are not allowed to bring our bag, instead we must put them in our locker or else you will get in trouble. We can only bring our books and our pencil case. Every morning a different song plays when you go to class but on


Thursday it’s a french or italian song. After that there is a song to says that student have one more minute to go to class.It is from a game show called Jeopardy. After the bell we have to stand up for the anthem of Canada and the prayer just after the class starts. We don’t have any breaks except for lunch and it’s just forty minutes. The school day starts at 8:20 in the morning and finishes at 2:30 in the afternoon. Each period last 75 minutes whereas in France a class last 55 minutes. In my school we have to wear an uniform every day and if you don’t wear it, the teacher can send you home or tell you to change it. There is a lot of school subjects like cooking, drama, cosmetology, and so many of others!! Students change subject  every semester that lasts half of the year. For class when i’m here i choose math (because the school wanted me to be with my exchange partner for one class and it was the only one she got where they were places left) hospitality and tourism (it’s cooking) funfit ( it’s doing fitness with a lot of FUN) and my last class is English. At lunch you can eat in the cafeteria of the school but it’s not very good and it’s very expensive so a lot of people bring their own lunch or they go outside to buy food.


Fun fact:

 -we have washing machine in our cooking class.

-In every class there is a phone for the teacher and almost every class it rings.

-The school busses are like in the movies, yellow!!








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