Indoor skydiving


With my family I Went Indoor skydiving.

First we were supposed to watched the people in the tube for

fifteen minute but they  forget us so we waited for forty-five minutes.Then we went in a room where we watched a short video to explain everything that we have to know for safety .


The teacher for the session also explain some few thing like the position you have to be in when you are in the tunnel, and the hand signs to talk to each other.

After that we went to change ourselves; we get a suit, helmet, a mask and earplugs because the wind is very loud so we have to protect our ears.

We were finally ready to go in! We went into the space to wait and the first person went in with the teacher inside .

The first flight was one minute but it was so cool. 

 The second flight last two minutes and this time we went up to the top of the tunnel.

It so cool but quite hard to have the good position,it’s looks so easy!!

The speed of the wind is between 140 miles per hours and 180 miles per hours.

It the same sensation of a skydiving expect that you don’t have the height.

I really loved the experience and I had so much fun with Amber and her brother.

There only 26 wind tunnel in the world and 13 in united states. There is no wind tunnel in France.






Fun fact: Amber’s dad told us that when we were in the tunnel we looked like sky dancer.

Our  face was stretched because of the wind, it was so funny.







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