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At the end of the summer vacation, my canadian family organized a week long camping trip and a stay in Toronto. That was awesome! By the by I wrote an article about it called "The end of summer vacations". You can check it out if you want!

We also did a lot of activities or excursions on other days. One day we went to the Science museum of Ottawa which was pretty interesting for me because it was a good opportunity to learn some new vocabulary. They brought me to the Art Gallery, and we visited their nice and sweet families. Besides, I have been to two weddings since I am here, which is absolutely random ! I also have another one coming in one week, that's a lot ! I actually really enjoy it because I can meet people, learn about the canadian traditions and especially share this special and amazing moment with those people. 


One time we went for a tour on a boat, I loved it so much ! That's one of my best memories from our vacations ! I have to say that during the first few weeks I was amazed about absolutely everything that we were doing. I was always on my little cloud !


During our vacation, Beth (my correspondent) and I spent a lot of time to just hanging out with friends. She introduced me to her friends and this reassured me a lot because I was kind of anxious to start school  if I didn't know anybody. At the very beginning , when we were hanging out, I was a bit shy and I felt awkward. But I went out of my comfort zone and started to learn more about them. Right now, I feel really integrated, comfortable and I can be myself with them. It feels really nice ! During vacations, we went shopping together,  we have also been to the fair, and we had some sleep-over. We always spend good moments and we hang out every week-end.



It's really cool because the family usually organize some diverse activities so that way, I can discover the city or even differents parts of Canada because I went to Montreal, Toronto, and Niagara Falls with the family. I enjoy it so much and it's cool because I know that, if I don't want to go out sometimes, I just have to say it and it's okay with them. I actually really want to go everywhere they offer me so that's perfect !


At the moment, the leaves are changing with the arrival of Fall. All the trees are colorful, green, yellow, orange and red, it's really beautiful. So we like to go for walks on week-end or even on evenings because it's wonderful. Why isn't it like this in France ?!


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