Feelings about my stay after two months


Hello ! I have sadly less than three weeks left in Canada, so I would like to talk about my perception after more than two months spent here. Let's begin !



Those two last months have been kind of intense for me because we did a lot of activities, but also because I learnt a lot about myself ! How do I cope with this new language ? How do I react with so many new people who speak only english? I had to adjust myself to this new environment and those new habits. I think I've been through that pretty well. I thought it would be harder to be far from my family, my home, my friends ( that I still miss a lot! ). I sometimes had to go out of my comfort zone, and it made me live the best moments ! I feel like I am more mature and open-minded since I am here, I think I also have more perspective than before.


At the very beginning, I was often shy because I didn't dare to go talk to people by myself. I learnt during those two months that I shouldn't wait for people to talk to me all the time. It is my job to go up to people to be included. I truly tried to get better and go talk and meet people, thanks to that, I feel now completely  comfortable with my friends, or even with the people I just meet !


I'm really happy, grateful and lucky to have this amazing experience in Canada. It gives me the confidence to do some new experiences like this one in the future. I wish I'll do another exchange later. Hopefully ! I love how Canada is different from France, how people always dress casually in school and how the food is so good! I also like the fact that the teachers are really close to the students and that there isn't stress at school (according to what I've seen). I have the impression that people are more kind, though I don't if that's actually true.


During the first month, I was amazed with every single thing we were doing! And I still really enjoy everything we do, but it's not really new for me anymore, so it's obviously different. I couldn't even count how many times I told myself how I was lucky to be here ! Before I came here, I was a little bit afraid about being homesick in Canada but I'm actually really good. I've been really homesick only two times in six weeks, and I'm not in a hurry to be back in France. Even if, obviously, I miss my family and my friends and I'm still happy to be going home in a few weeks!


I think I improved and will still improve my english a lot ! It's so pleasant to learn new words and understand English better everyday, even if I have so many things left to learn. As a conclusion, I would say that  I've had three amazing months in Canada ! My Canadian family is the best I could've asked for and I made new friends at school, who are all so cool.


Thanks for reading, I wish everyone was able to have an experience like this one !




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