Canada As A Multicultural Country And Canadians Values

When I arrived in Canada something surprised me in a really good way. In fact, it is a multicultural country where people migrated from all around the world.


Here, Asians, Africans, Souths-Americans, Oceanians, Europeans and North-Americans all live together sharing everything without conflicts. Differences here would never be a source of conflict, but quite the reverse, something that Canadians are proud of and that they share. People can learn of everyone's culture and that is Canada's strenght.


Here, being open minded is not even a quality, it is a part of everyone. Respect is the fundamentals of every relationship! And I know, what I am saying seems totaly normal and logical, but it is more than everything we know in France. Here, people are so nice that every stranger you talk to is going to ask how you are feeling before any other conversation. Here, students are so respectful of each other that, when I talked to them about bullying they told me they thought it was an abstract concept created to dissuade people from being mean!


I am not dreaming, Canada has issues like everywhere, but I'll remember all my life the kindness and generosity Canadian people have and will always demonstrate!

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