My new passion!!



I went to a semi-professional hockey game in London in Ontario.

The rink was very big.

The teams were the home team London Knights against Sarnia Sting.

Everybody was supporting the London team, because it was their home game.

For example every time the other team scored a goal, nobody cheered but when London scored they played music and people clapped and cheered.

There are three periods and between all of them there is a 15 minute break, and during that time the most unexpected thing happens.  Cars came driving onto the ice just for  advertisements, and people from the crowd had to roll a tire into the net to win something. it was crazy!

They played some game with people so they can win some shirts or a car wash.

then they flood the ice and put some crazy music.

Amber and I got a pretzel with “cheese”... it was not cheese and I think nobody wants to know what's really inside but it’s kind of good.

There was also a big fight between 2 players it was kind of crazy because the referees were there but cannot stop the fight, until someone takes their helmet off or someone gets hurt.

Both of the players got a ten minute penalty for the fight, and one of the players helmets came off.

Fun fact:

One of the games that they played with the crowd was sponsored by McDonalds, so if the London Knights scored in a certain time period then everybody won a free Big Mac burger, but they didn’t so nobody got one. 



I really fell in love with hockey. It's a new passion for me. This sport is fast and so entertaining. I can't stop watching it it's so cool!

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