Canada, such an open-minded country !


After almost three months here, I noticed how varied canadians people are. To illustrate my thoughts, I’ll take the example of my civics class, where I really realized it. In this class, we learn about racism, Canada’s laws, human traffic or abuses, and a lot of other issues that people can be confronted to in the world. We can debate about those subjects, give our opinions and discuss about what we disagree to find compromises.


We had a project a few weeks ago and we had to choose the issue that we care the most about. Then, we were put into groups and we had to  look for solutions and how to make things change in the future. First of all, it’s really important to acknowledge about those causes and try to do something to change it.



It’s also a good group work exercise because we are all so different and from different origins, but we are all against one same cause. We discuss, listen to each other and try to find some solutions ! I’m really glad that the canadian students have the opportunity to have this kind of subjects at school and not only maths, sciences and the academic subjects. I think that it would be great for us to learn about it in France too.


In this class, our teacher asked us to say what country we were from, and nobody in my thirty students’ class was from Canada ! Some of the people were from Asia, Europe, Africa,... This shows really well how diverse Canada is, and I think that is an amazing thing ! 




Also, when I tell people that I’m french they are so welcoming ! Obviously, everything is not perfect either in Canada, but the fact that they are absolutely okay and welcome with people differences is just amazing. I don’t feel judged here and more free to do whatever I want !


I'm genuinely glad that I had the opportunity to discover this amazing country and spent three months there !


Thank you for reading !





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