Montreal for a day.




A few days ago, my canadian family and I spent a day in Montreal. As you probably already know, this city is located in the Quebec. This city is the most populous municipality in the canadian province of Quebec. It is really important for the Montreal’s citizens to keep their own language, they want to keep their own “identity” not to be overwhelmed by the Canada’s english part, which is a way bigger. However, all the Montreal’s inhabitants speaks english very well ! But in the city, there aren’t any signs in english! They also avoid to use the english words that we even use in France. Then Pop Corn become "mais souffle", to shop is "magasiner",... It was amusing to hear french again even if they have a different accent for me.


It is a two hours drive to get there from Ottawa, so we left early in the morning, got some coffees at Tim Hortons and finally arrived in Montreal ! I have already been there almost five years ago so I recognized a few places that I had already been to. But last time I went there during summer, so this time was different because it was only two degrees ! We spent the day walking in the streets and we obviously ate Poutine, which is the typical Montreal’s meal.


This is a beautiful city which I think is a great place to live in for the students. It is so big and dynamic but not oppressive in the same time. I heard that a lot of french students come here to go to college, this is a good idea because it is a different country and another culture but it is still in french.



During this afternoon in Montreal, my canadian family and I were walking in along some beautiful and colorful trees in a park when we saw a group of people playing… quidditch !!! We stayed a bit to watch those dressed up people, running with some brooms in their hands! That was really fun to watch!

Afterwards, we drove back home, this day was so much fun !


Also, while we were talking in the car, I learnt that canadian students are actually learning Quebec french at school, even though I though they were learning French from France !


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