Back home and my feeling





It has been now a month and a half since I got back home from Canada

and as soon as i arrived i wanted to take the plane back to Georgetown. I miss everything from my amazing host family, to my school and all the people that I met. I feel very grateful for being a part of this wonderful experience... which is just half way done because my exchange student Amber is coming in February !!
When i came home i had a very large amount of homework to do and lessons to catch up with. It was quite hard at the beginning but i think I’m getting use to it again! It took at least a week to recover from the jet lag. I was so tired, and the best part was coming back to school

with a one hour and a half long biology test.
To see all of my friends again was so good because i missed them a lot back in Canada but now that I am back in France i
miss my Canadian Friends. I also miss a lot ice hockey because in France were i live it’s not very popular.


Fun Fact:
I think the thing that i missed the most when I was in Canada is French bread. Of course, they have bread in Canada but it’s not the same as the bread back home.


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