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An usual school day at St. Peter

Wednesday, 26th October 7:00pm

Hi everyone !!

Today I want to descirbe an usual day in my higthschool : St Peter Secondary Catholic School in Peterborough. We have four different classes a day, that I've chosen before the first day at school.

From 8:25 to 9:40am I have foods. That's definitely my favorite class, because I love cooking but also because the teacher is amazing and we have a small group who gets along very well. Basically on Mondays we have a "theory" day and the rest of the week we cook. So far, we've cooked for exemple pumpkin pie for thanksgiving, cookies for charity, and last week we made a dinner from scratch for all the teachers. I have a very good memory of that evening and the dinner we made was sooo good !!! That was roasted vegies with chicken or pork kebabs, and as desert we made chocolate mousse and blueberries cheesecake. (photo)

Then, from 9:45 to 11am I have personal fitness. I like this class too but sometimes it's hard ! We do workout on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. On Tuesdays we have a therory day about how to maintain a good health for exemple and on Thursdays it'game day...our favourite one !! Usually, we play basketball or volleyball ant it's super fun. After fitness, it's luch time until 11:40am. With Maggie, we bring our own lunch, but you can also buy some pizza, french fries,... in the cafeteria. This is the only break in the day, so we enjoy this time with our friend.

My third class, from 11:40am to 12:55, is link. I struggle to explain what it is everytime, so I'm gonna do my best ! Basically, we help the Grade 9 students (it's their first year in hightschool) to feel good and safe at school. On Wednesdays, during their lunch time we organize fun activities such as Trivia, Bingo, Pictionary or Wrapping mummies contest (we had so much fun in doing this one!!). This class has also the goal to develop our leadership skills. We wrote an essay about a young leader in the world. I worked on Malala Yousafzai. In this picture, we were dressed up for Terry Fox event. We walked in order to raise money for this charity who conducts research about cancer. As link leader, we were in charge of the atmosphere of this day.

Finally, my last course is environemental science. This is a very intersting class because we talk about global warming, pollution, human action, and other very current subjects. We also take care of the school garden, by weeding or trying a new king of culture : hugelkultur. It's a pile of logs, branches, leaves, cardboard, compost,.... that you cover with soil, to grow plants in the top of the heap.

This class ends at 2pm, and then we run to the change room, because we have rugby at 2:15pm !!! Practise is supposed to end at 4, but most of the time it's likely 4:15 or even 4:30pm. When it's sunny, and pretty hot, I like going to rugby, but when it's raining or freezing, it's way less funny !! We have two games a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. So far, we won only one game but, we are a new team playing against really good teams who play together since at least two years, so we're doing pretty well with what we have !! Back home, we eat a snack and take a well-deserved shower because we are often cover with mud!!

I really like this day schedule, because you have more time in the afternoon to play sport and then do your homework, while in France, when you play a sport after school you don't have time to do your homework. I feel the day in Canada are less stressful than in France. The second thing I like is the relationship between students and teachers. It's more friendly, teachers seem to really care about their students and trie to know them personally. There is also less pressure on the students. Anyway, it's probably not a big surprise to you to know that our school system is nowhere near from the best.

Thanks for taking the time to read my article !

See you soon


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