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In way for Toronto

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

Hey guys ! Happy to see you again for a new blog!

This blog deals about my trip in Toronto which was amazing. It was the weekend of the 28-29 November we left at 6 am for arrived around 10 am in Canada's wonderland which is an huge theme park located in vaughan it's at less than one hour from Niagara falls.

My host mum drop us in front of the park and let's go! clearly i wasn't ready for those roller coaster, in fact it was my first time in rollercoster! But i love thrill so everything was good, i wasn't that scaried :)

After that, we had to wait until 2 hours to come back in the park for the fright night. So we went in a restaurant and i was shocked because there were only pretty waitress who were wearing very short skirts and shirts that shows a lot of cleavage, with a large amount of make up... it's shocked me because it's mean the boss chose them because their physical so they don't let the chance to a normal girl or a boy to work at this place (or if they want to it's in the kitchen).

Anyway... i was hoping nobody did that anymore but i was wrong :/

After the dinner we came back to Canada's Wonderland because during the Halloween period you can come during the night and their is many actors who are dress for scarry you ( they were wearing witches, vampires, zombies ... costumes). They did a good job at it!! (I'll tell you why). We were on the way back with Grace and we didn't have any choice we had to past on a smog path, everything was dark, we were hearing a girl screaming in front of us but we couldn't see her. We were holding each other and i saw a shadow and said to Grace that it will attack us. It didn't help, we still jumped back, hurt someone, Grace fell and three other zombies start to came around her ( i didn't realize that... i was running away... oups i never told you that i'm a brave girl). When i realize that she wasn't following me i came back and help her to pick her up. We sprinted to a safer place and laught a lot on the way to Niagara falls.

Niagara falls is one of the most beautiful place i've never been. It's so impressive you feel so small and powerless next to it. We went two times there during this weekend the first time was during the night and the other time during the day. I personnally prefered it during the night because it was color light on it and above all there is much less tourists. The next day we came back to Niagara falls and visit the city around, we did some shopping, the big wheel, the wax museum...that was an other amazing day.

At 2 pm It was the time to came back with my arms full of presents for my family.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and your trip in Canada!

See you soon!

Clotilde Delatte

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