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Last week, last discovery

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

Yes, the end of this amazing travel is over, the last visits are in order, last time with my Canadian family before to go back to my life in France... sad, I would have stayed here a little longer time...

For those last moments, my family has seen big things, visits of Blue Mountains and Toronto, two famous places in Ontario.

Blue Mountain

After school (who finish early, stuff that I'm going to miss), my family decided to show me a part of Ontario, Blue Mountains, takes place only 1h20 from the north of where we live. Planned, visit of the park, caves and a suspension bridge: interesting! When we arrived, it was so beautiful, because the autumn has begin so trees were with orange colours...


Friday, lucky day, PD day in my region. A PD day is a day off for teachers and students it's mean Professional Development day. It should arrive 1 to 2 times a month. My family takes advantages of that to plan a trip in (for me) the famous place of Ontario: Toronto. 2h30 of road and a stop to Tim Hortons after, here we are! When we put a foot in Toronto for the first time, the first essential step and none the less: the CN tower. I was impress about this emplacement, in the heart of the city but sticks with other buildings closely. Alyssa's family never saw the inside so it was a good opportunity for those too. The interior is made up of huge bay window giving us a super view of the city. We climbed on the top of the CN tower, on the pod at 1465 pi (447m). Then, a little walk in the city, passing through signs of CN tower, Toronto and Canada... We took a lot of photos here (: In the program, we visited the street with graffiti. It was beautiful! The next day, we could not go back home without going to the shopping mall.

Brief, now I can say that:

Thanks for reading about this part of my trip,

Louise DOCHE

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