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  • Marie Decolasse

The northern wedding

I had the chance to attend a Canadian wedding. I had to take the plane to go to Sault Ste Marie for the Wedding. It was a wedding in an anglican church. The ceremony at the church begin at 1:30. There is the ceremony in the church that lasted around one hour. After that everybody got to congratulate the family of the couple who just get married.Between the ceremony at the church and the dinner at 5:30 we waited at a restaurant to have a poutine with Amber’s grandparents. The Dinner took place in the Hotel where we were staying called the water tower inn. When we arrived we congratulated all the family again. After that we got a shirley temple soda. We went in the dinner room it was amazing like wedding in movies. To eat we had an italian soup with little pasta inside, and after that we got some pasta with a great sauce. For the main course there was chicken with vegetables and potatoes. To finish for a dessert we got a crepe with ice cream inside. At ten a nacho bar opened and a whole table of italian desserts because the groom’s family is italian. There was a wall of donuts too it was amazing. During the dinner, the family members made some speeches. After all of that the music started and we begin dancing. It was such a beautiful experience to attend a Canadian wedding, it was Amazing!!

Fun fact :

-I wore black and gold to the wedding, but I didn't know that the theme of wedding were those colours!!

-A normal Canadian wedding cost between 20 000$ and 40 000$.

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