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Thanksgiving in Niagara Falls :

For thanksgiving we had a weekend of 4 days so my host family took me to Niagara Falls ! After 6 hours we finally arrived. We went see the Falls during the night it was really impressive and they were multicolored, it was incredible.

Saturday, we see the falls during the day, we went really close to the falls !

We learned more about the falls it was really interesting. We went in the tunnel behind the falls, where we can see how the falls are so powerful.

We also went at the end of the falls where they are a little lake that is beautiful. We took the cable car to have a different view.

The lake was really beautiful, we went on a little hike. We saw 5 deer, and we where around the lake on the "beach".

For the last day we went in the USA side. It's really different view but it was so fun ! We walk really close of the falls. We

were really wet after that ahaha.

View from the states :

Mieka and I went into the boat it was a really fun experience !

For the last night and for Thanksgiving we ate at the restaurant of this tower.

Like that we had a incredible view during our Thanksgiving meal !

Bye, I hope you enjoy as much I enjoy my trip. I will come back with more story's ! Renaudin Julie

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