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Canadian facts !

Hi everybody

I’m back with another post !

Today I wanted to talk about some Canadian facts that I’ve realised so far.

  1. One thing that you first realise is that people don’t greet the same as they does in France. Here people greet each other mostly by just saying ‘Hi’ or just shaking hands.Or when you're closer to them you can hug them.

  2. Another fact, is as a respect mark, everytime you enter somebody's house you put your shoes off.

  3. Then, it may be a bit weird or funny at the beginning for French students (at least, it was for me) but teachers are openly talking about their personnal lives and their really helpful when you need it (thats not weird but cool ;)) !

  4. Another fact, that may be an American fact but still, the fact that stores are open really late at night until 10pm and on Sundays ! For us, it may be weird but it's actually really useful when you need to buy something after dinner for exemple.

  5. To finish, the fact that they're eating salty breakfast ! I got used to it pretty fast but at the beginning it's a bit unpleasant.

Thank you guys for reading !

Byeee, see you soon


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