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Exciting trip to Calgary !!

Hi everybody !

Today, recap of my 2 days trip to Calgary !

I got the chance to go to Calgary with the other international students of my school !

We first went to Lake Louise were we took a group picture ! The lake is made of an incredible blue and we had the chance to have a good weather that day.

We, then, arrived in Calgary and one group went to a football game and the other went to a mall. I was a part of the football group ! I didn't imagine football to be like this (kinda boring). But with my friends we had so much fun singing, cheering and one of my Canadian friend explained the rules to me and it quickly made more sense. Before the game and all throughout cheerleaders were dancing !! The game was exactly like an American football game, it was amazing!

The next day, after not so much sleep, we went into downtown Clagary and went all the way up of the Calgary Tower.

It was really breathtaking, this view of ALL Calgary!! Then we had a bit of time to walk or do some shopping in the city, that was cool! We then took the bus to go home and I played Uno with my friend during the whole ride and it was really fun !

See you later !



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