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October's second half and my departure

Hi everybody,

I'm back, I know I'm late writing but I had problems connecting with the blog ! Today, I'm going to finish talking about my experiences !

The end of October was kind of calm. I enjoyed my last weeks with my friends by going to another hockey game , we also ate a lot of ice cream even though it was cold outside, we did some shopping for Halloween and had a lot of fun during lunch breaks at school!

Then on the weekend before Halloween I went with my friend to a scary park near where I live. We did every attraction we could and went trick or treating in the park. At the end of the night we watched the fireworks.

On sunday morning i also carved a pumpkin with my little host sister. She taught me how to do it and I think I did it kinda well for a first time ! It was a great last weekend.

Then for Halloween, i dressed up as a hot-dog to go to school and then in the evening I went trick or treating with my group of friends.

It was impressing how much Halloween is a big thing for Canadians : almost all the houses were decorated and everybody gave us a lot of candy ! My bag was full only after one street ! We enjoyed ourselves singing and running to houses picking up candies !

Then, sadly, on Tuesday was my last day in Canada. All my stuff were packed so I went to school on the morning to say goodbye to my friends. It was really sad and everybody almost cried but I went into the bus knowing that I would never forget about all of them.

We then drove all day long to go to Calgary and it started snowing as we were leaving !

On Tuesday night we went all together with our exchange students to The Rec Room wich is a big place where you can eat, watch sports or play video games and Virtual Reality. It was a really great thing to have these last fun moments with my exchange student. We then went to the hotel. The next morning, we went to the airport for the last goodbyes : they're not really the last ones but it was so sad !!!!!

Then what can I say is that I just have been in airports and planes for the next approximately 2 days. When we arrived back in France, I was steel sad to be gone from Canada but happy to see my family and my best friends. Im now excited for my exchange partner to come here in France!!

Thank you guys for reading,

See you fro my VERY last post


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