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Fall celebrations

In Canada seasons are such a vibe, espacially fall!

For fall season, a lot of Canadians put decoration in front of their doors and under their porch. Usually they put some pumpkins but some also put straw bales or stick scarecrows in their bushes. In my host house, my host mother made a little decor for the dining table: she put candles, different squash and fake leaves. Of course we bought pumpkins we will carve soon for Halloween and we put them in front of the house with a fall crown on the door. Stores also start selling Halloween decorations at this time of the year. Here, leaves are now red, yellow and orange. It is so beautiful! Amost every store sells pumpkins and let me tell you some of them are just gigantics!


On Saturday, October the 8th, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my host family. For the occasion we went to Ottawa visiting their family. We walked a little bit downtown and went to a market where we ate beavertails. It is a flat brioche with different flavors you can choose. For example, I had the classic: cinnamon and lemon. It was delicious! We also saw a lot of fall decor all over the city.

For diner, the table was decorated with felt leaves as placemats and fall napkins. There were a lot of different dishes such as squash soup, mashed potato, vegetables or turkey. For desert we had pumpkin pie. I was very excited to taste it and it was really good! Before we ate, an uncle made a little speech about what he was thankfull of this year. This is something very important about Thanksgiving : being thankfull for what you have.

Léa Baudart

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