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The end

Here we are: the last week already... I'm starting to prepare my suitcase and thinking about coming back home. But first, a little summary of what I did during this last week.

First of all, at my school they organized some activities about Halloween such as a Kahoot (a quizz) on the theme of Halloween or a scavenger hunt in the building to find fake bones and win a price. They also decorated a lot with garlands, pumpkins and more. Then, as Halloween is on a monday this year, the parties are on the week-end before. I went to a "birthday-Halloween party" on the saturday evening to a Sara's friend place. It was really fun: everybody wore a costume and danced! The Canadians don't have holidays like us before Christmas holidays. So even if Halloween is on a week day they work. But they celebrate it at school: you can wear a costume and there is a contest to decide who has the best one. At home we also carved pumpkins and gave candy to kids who were trick or treating on Halloween day. That's it for my last week here in Canada.

These two months were probably one of the best experience I have ever lived. I will never forget all the things I did: visiting incredible places, meeting the nicest people, discovering a new way of life... So a huge thank you to NPLA for giving us the opportunity to experience such things!


To finish my last post, here are some pictures from the two months that I never posted: the trophies at my school, a lot of pumpkins and some Halloween decor, the CN Tower and the view from the top and a sculpture from an indigenous museum...

Léa Baudart

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