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  • Marie Decolasse

Have a good snack!!

Canadian people love to have some snacks during the day! At every moment

of the day if they are hungry they take any kind of snack from a cereal bars to

a plate of pasta! That's why in store there is a lot of aisles just for snacks.

In canada there is snacks like popcorn and they have many flavours. Many many cool flavours!! here, they have almost any flavour you want. From salt and vinegar to cheddar flavour, to caramel. literally everything.

Here if you ask for popcorn they will give you salted one they don’t have sugar, just caramel and it’s not very popular. They also love to mix the flavours in the bag they call is Chicago mix. I tried popcorn with caramel and cheese at the same time it was very good at the beginning.

it’s strange to test salt-sugar mix but it’s amazing!!

I really like foods and especially snacks here that is why i wanted to talk about them

in the blog.

Fun fact:

Amber and I love to eat crackers with cheese as a snack, it’s so cool!

We've tried crips with popcorn flavour it was so weird.

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