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  • Mélanie Lolichon

My holidays in Canada

One of the first places my host family took me to -and it's something not to miss in Canada- is at Niagara Falls. It is such a beautiful place! We took the boat to go close to the falls and did the Journey Behind The Falls. So we went in a tunnel under the falls, then we arrived in front of them. It was impressive!

We visited Ottawa and Toronto. I learnt about Ottawa when we were on the Rideau Canal and when we saw a light show on the Parliament. I also went to the Museum of Nature.

In Toronto, we went to the CN tower. It was high! We could see the ground throught a glass floor. We did the Ripley's aquarium. The sharks, turtles and some fishes were swimming over our heads.

We also went to an Ed Sheeran concert! It was great! There was a lot of people. The concert was playing in the Rogers Centre, where the famous baseball team, the Blue Jays, plays.

We spent a week-end in a cottage. It was so nice. It was next to a lake so we did kayak, canoe and paddle. At night, we sat around fire eating marshmallows. It was a good time.

One day trip in the U.S.A. We crossed the border to go to a big amusement park with a water park in the U.S.A. called Darien Lake. I did the best, biggest, highest roller coasters I ever did!

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