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How I feel about my english !

I am now here, in Canada, since more than two months, I think it's a good time to make an update about how I feel about my English. Before I came here I already loved English, I was trying to watch my series in English with french subtitles, I was listening to a lot of english songs and it helped me pretty much. But, obviously, my english was basic and my accent was not really good. Besides, at school, we learn english from the United Kingdom and I wanted to learn American english.

At the very beginning of my stay in Canada, I didn't understand a lot during conversations and it was so weird for me to hear english all the time. During the first few weeks, I learnt a lot of vocabulary and I wrote the words in a little notebook that I used just for it. Everyday, I was beginning to use a lot of new words and I was so happy about it, but my sentences were still pretty basic. From the very beginning, I asked my canadian family to tell me as soon as I was making mistake, in order to learn and understand the sentences structure.

I'm trying to write about my day in english in a notebook almost everyday, even if sometimes it's hard because we are busy (or I'm too lazy actually !) It's a good way to improve my english writing because I usually ask someone to correct it, and it's also nice that I can remember everything that I did in Canada.

I started school a little bit more than a month ago. I choose English as a subject, which helps me improve a lot because we have to write essays, read aloud and we learn a bit about grammar and spelling.

Those are my notebooks and some irregular verbs I still learn.

Now, after two months, I can say that my english is so much better that it used to be. I think around two weeks ago, I had a click! I feel like sometimes I can make complicated sentences naturally and automatically. I can also understand pretty much everything during conversations, except a few words sometimes. My accent is so much better and less people asks me if I'm french when I meet new people. I'm so glad about it! I'm still trying to write new vocabulary in my notebook even if I retained most of it.

I live in Ottawa, which is a bilingual city, so everything is written in french and in english. That's positive because I can see the translation and learn easily, but then I'm not completely plunged into English all the time which was nice at the beginning because I wasn't lost ! Now, I am in the habit to always watch movies in english with ENGLISH subtitles because it's so helpful !

I'm truly satisfied about how my english improved and it's feel so nice to mostly think in this language now.

Thanks for reading !

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