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A Mix of Two Civilizations 

Dernière mise à jour : 14 oct. 2019

I am staying in a very small town in Ontario called St Jacobs. It is so different from where I live in France, because here everyone loves football, baseball and especially hockey! One morning, I woke up and I heard a new noise from the street that I had never heard before. Surprised, I jumped out of bed to open my curtains to see what what was making all this noise.

There was a man in old clothes who was driving two horses on a carriage. The horses were running like it is normal to be stuck between fast cars, and they are not at all scared.

There are lots of people like this man in the area, they do not use many technologies or new stuff, so to move around they use animals to move to their farms outside of the city. Most of these people quit school early to work with their parents, and one day I saw them collecting hay with only big knives and their hands. These people are very common in this area, so I am living in a mix between two types of life. There is a very famous place called Farmer’s Market in St Jacobs. It is place where we can meet Mennonite people. A lot of tourists from around the Canada come to visit this big market and buy Mennonite stuff. Even in my school, some teachers are menonnite people. It is really interesting for me to see the mix between them and the modern people.

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