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A Symbol of Canada : Niagara Falls

Hello it’s Lise, you have probably read a lot about Niagara Falls but I wanted to share my experience with you. I went to Niagara Falls the last weekend of September to avoid it being too busy, in fact it attracts many people who come from all around the world to ses the Falls. I think that for almost every French people, Niagara Falls is what we think about when someone talks about Canada. Actually, I didn’t know but there are two Niagara Falls, one which belongs to the USA and one which belongs to Canada and in my opinion the Canadian Falls are more impressive.

I was lucky to see them from many different points of view, for example I went to a big boat which goes very close from the Falls, this is really impressive and we were very wet at the end because of the mist, but it was so fun. Then, there is an access behind them and it is very amazing because we were in some kind of tunnel and at some point we could see and hear tons and tons of water dropping. In each case, they gave us a poncho made in plastic and I was a bit disappointed because the plastic wasn’t recycling and it is very bad for the environment which is a current issue now. Then, I had the chance to do a zipline and it was very nice to see the Falls from the sky.

I also went to Niagara Falls at night to see the fireworks, and the water is illuminated with different lights which change of colours and that’s really amazing. Moreover, there is a big street near the Falls which is a bit crazy because there are many fun activities like games, haunt house or even a skywheel where we can see the water from the top, it was very funny to try a few of these activities.

It was very impressive to see one of the main symbol of Canada and I am very glad that my host family allowed me to see Niagara Falls.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next article.


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