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Blue Mountain

Hi it’s Lise, today I am going to talk about Blue Mountain. I went there a few days after my weekend in Port Dover, I have also written an article about Port Dover and I invite you to read it. So, I went to Blue Moutain with my host mother, Terri and my exchange partner, Tabitha. Blue Mountain is only a 20 minute trip from Collingwood by car.

Blue Mountain is a little town which attracts many people in winter or in summer, in fact it contains a lot of trails on sunny days and many ski runs on snowy winter days. Blue Mountain also has some shops, restaurants, a mountain rollercoaster and a few high ropes courses in the trees.

Firstly, we visited the stores of the town and then we headed to the mountain rollercoaster. It is a sort of tiny car with two handles one on each side, you pull towards you to slow and away from you to accelerate. For few minutes the rollercoaster goes up to gain height and after that you turn a corner where there is a downhill circuit which was very fast and very funny. Fortunately, it did not make me sick. Next, we decided to go up one of the trails that crosses the forest and at the top you reach a beautiful point of view. The trail wasn’t very difficult and it was full of animals like chipmunks and squirrels. Once arrived at the top we had a wonderful view of Georgian Bay, this year the water level of the lake is very high, one reason is because of the large amount of snow which had fallen over the winter.

After we got down Blue Mountain we went out to Thornbury for lunch and to look around their harbour on the bay. After that we went back to the house, it was a very good day.

Thanks for reading.


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