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Canadian holidays

For my fourth post I want to talk about august. It was my first month of this amazing travel in Canada. During the first part of my trip, I’ve done a lot of things to discover Canada and my new city with Gillian.

Starting by the beginning, the firsts 2 week of my trip. The parents were at work. So we found a lot of activity to do, some chill at home and other out to start visit Edmonton and see friends.

We had time for watch movies on Netflix at night like spider-man or the smurfs but also for playing cards or board games. I learnt with Gillian and her brother how to play new cards games like slap jack and also we’ve played at monopoly for an entire afternoon because Thor really wanted to. When I was young it was me, the little sister who obliged my sister to play this long game. But now, I know how it is to have a little brother who ask to play but you know it’ll last all an afternoon or more.

During this first month the weather was not as worm as summer in France where it’s at least 30°C. It was more 20-25°C but still appreciable to enjoy the sun with a book (in English of course) as well as walking around the neighborhood and discover Sherwood Park.

One day, we went downtown Edmonton. It’s most of all buildings where workers goes everyday, so even though there is not a lot to see as a tourist we still have visited the legislature, walked around the river valley and ate an incredible chocolate mint cheese-cake in a bar after crossing the High-level bridge. This day I saw a lot of great places and I took many pictures but it was really sportive, we made twenty thousand steps this day !

An other day during my first weeks, we attended a magic show from the fringe festival. The magician made a lot of jokes inside these tricks and he interacted a lot with everyone. It was really cool and impressive. I was just afraid he choose me to go on stage (with the bad english I had) but he didn’t, everything’s all right. After that we went in a pretty busy street and hang out in little shops and coffees like Starbucks inside a library. I found the atmosphere really nice! We ate burgers for lunch at A&W, a new restaurant for me. I had the opportunity since I’m here to try much more fast food than in France like Dairy Queen, Boston Pizza where I went the first day and the most important Tim Hortons where every Canadian goes all the time for iced coffee or food.

We also went for shopping a couple of times at different place like Southgate Center or the huge West Edmonton Mall. It’s the principal attraction in the city because it’s famous to be the biggest mall in the world even if now it’s only the biggest in north America. There is an indoor water park and an amusement park with fun and scary attractions. I’ve tried all the roller coaster of Galaxyland when we went with a Gillian’s friend and her sister. I really enjoyed it ! I love go for shopping in this mall because there are all the stores I want and also because we can eat delicious Wetzel’s pretzels and the best Chinese food I ever taste at T&T Supermarket.

We also benefited of holidays by visiting an other Gillian’s friends at her house with a pool. It was really nice to meet her, she was curious about me and France like most of the people I’ve met. So she asked me a lot of questions I was happy to answer and we had a fun time !

For the last week of august we went to the Rocky mountains but I will talk more about that in my next post so I’ll see you soon on the blog.

Thanks for reading !

Fanny Joubert :)

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Oct 18, 2019

Merci Fanny ! De belles découvertes. Congratulations for your twenty thousands steps ;-) ;-)

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