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Few little school things

This weekend was a long one because Friday was PD day. It stands for Professional Development day. It’s a day where teachers work but not students.

It usually happens one day per month but it seems to me that it’s not the same everywhere. My exchange partner told me that it’s once a month in public school but it’s not as frequent anywhere else.

Oh and this week I received my Chrome Book it’s a computer that everybody in my school without exception have. They use Google classroom where teachers can upload the lessons and the homework. I think it’s really good for students because that a way for them to know how use a computer to work because when we do our graduate school most of people use a laptop to take notes etc...

And I didn’t already talk to you about how class starts here. So every morning, a few minutes before the bell rings, they play music that puts in a good mood.

I believe it’s a really good way to start the day !

And after that, the traditional Canadian’s anthem is played in every classroom. They choose a different version of the anthem everyday, and I really like all of them !

Thanks for reading.

See you soon !

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