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Funny ups and downs in Vaughan !

Saturday we went in Wonderland.

There, we met other exchange students : I saw Romane whom lives 1 minutes far from me in France and her exchange partner. There were also, Eoline and Maud whom are french and their exchange partner : Nicolas and Avery.

We spent a great day there. We went almost to every rides and we did the biggest roller coaster « Yukon Striker » : the angle of depression was 90° degrees which means we fell right straight, it was very scary but funny tho !

On this pictures on the background you can see the 90 degrees (where the arrow indicate you) :

On the evening, we bought a speciality from Wonderland what is called « funnel cake » it’s like a big waffle and there are ice cream on the top, you can add flavour : there are pumpkin, strawberry and apple cider.

It’s very good (but also very expansive ahah)

At the end we took pictures with police officers, it was very funny because our exchange partner were very embarrassed !

This day was very great, we spent a very good time !

Now I’m waiting for the next week-end: we‘re going to Niagara Falls ! I’m very exciting !!

Thanks for reading,

I hope you enjoyed :)

Charline Brillouet

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