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AUGUST | Holidays in Canada

Dernière mise à jour : 31 oct. 2019

During those three weeks I discovered A lot of things about Canada , their lifestyle with the early diners for unique meal, their culture ,

their foods with of course the maple syrup pancakes but a lot of other things too ,their language ,etc.

In the first week I stilled in my family’s city , Cambridge, where I met the family’s grandmother, aunt, cousins, friends and I visited the city .

The second week we sent to the beach near to the Lake Huron where all of my family had sunburns, we also went to the countryside in their grand parents’ House and I continued to visit their city .

The last week of the holidays, I had two appointments for the school, then we went to Niagara falls, we went in a boat in order to see better the Falls and that was very impressive, it was a very amazing day .

And two days after we went to Canada’s wonderland.

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