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Dernière mise à jour : 31 oct. 2019

      I've been in my Canadian school for new few weeks, and it's actually still holidays for me. It's magic I'm actually pretending being in High School Musical, it's exactly like in movies: school bus, the lockers, the football team, cheerleader,... IT'S AMAZING !

This is the front of the school

School bus like in movies !

The school hallway with all the lockers

| My favorite courses |

My school is named Preston High School, but they all call it PHS. Here we can pick the courses that we want so I took some fun ones that I wouldn't have in France. For example I have cooking class. I learnt a lot of kitchen vocabulary so that's great ! We also made some art with apples, and we cooked cookies, a pasta meal, and pancakes. We are still gone cook a lot of things in the next weeks, and we are also going to St Jacob's Market (I explained what it is in the previous blog post).

Apple art

Making cookies !

In the cooking class we also plant some basil that we might use later in our cooking

| Photography class |

      Another course that I took, which is my favorite one, is photography. I learnt so many things and it's so interesting ! We first learn to develop a picture in the darkroom, like in old time, to understand how a camera works. And also learn how to use a good professional camera and how to take good pictures. I was so impress because we each have a camera and it's actually some really good ones. So every sunny days, we go around the school, in the streets, to shoot and take pictures of anything that we want but using the things that we learnt (aperture, shutter speed, ISO,...). I love to do this every day ! And we are going next week a day in Toronto just to take pictures around the city. I'm so happy and excited to go !

The pictures that I developed

That's me when we are shooting outside. You can see how look the cameras.

This is a picture that I look just next to the school. And I'm quite proud of

And this is the backstage of the picture

| Charity days |

         Another thing that I love here at school is that at least one day every weeks there is a charity day but in a fun way. Everyone have to follow the dress code to show that you support the cause. So far we had Socks day, Grey day, Crocs & ice cream day, Hat day, Orange shirt day and we had a Colour run. The Colour run was very funny we couldn't recognize each other because we had paint everywhere, and I met some people so that was great !

      Here school finished at 2:15 pm and I don't have any homework. That's why I still feel being in holidays. So I join the school Cross Country team, which is after school, because I needed to do a sport and I don't have a lot of things to do when I'm home too early. So I started for more than a week now and I really enjoy it (even if it's really hard at the beginning) because it makes me feel better (and with all the bad things that I eat, I needed to do a sport ! ;).

      So school here is very different than in France, but I really like it. I could stay in this school for the rest of the year, I wouldn't mind.

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