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II. " A new discovery, new places, new feeling" (Suite)

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

One week later we went to Niagara falls and it was my favourite place to visit ; we saw many attractions and it was very fun.Tanya, a family friend, came along with us, so I met her too and she's very nice and kind. There were a lot of funny and scary rides and arcade games. But I loved it! We went to a restaurant where there was many foods, we ate mexican and italian food, it wasvery delicious. At night we went to see the famous “Niagara falls''. It was amazing in the night like the day, (we're came back more later for see them on the day). At night, different colorful lights illuminated the falls and a firework coming short after. It was truly a beautiful and magical moment.

Then, we also went to Toronto to see the CN Tower. Toronto was sooo bigg ! It reminded me of New York, the big building, the same song emitted by firefighters in action in the city, i think it's really similar to New York city. The CN Tower is really high and it has an impressive view on the top, seen from above, the car and people look really small! We walk in different streets and eat an amazing ice cream that i had never seen before, it was an ice cream “gratulated” with a steam or some kind of smoke, really strange but nice and astute.

They showed me so many things, I am very grateful for them.

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