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II. “A news discovery, news places,new feeling”

They showed me a lot of places like Montréal, Ottawa and Niagara falls, maybe Toronto (more later)! I think Niagara falls was my favourite, it was very impressive! I went to Montreal and Ottawa for the first time in one weekend.

For the first time,we went to Ottawa and they also have family there who welcomed us during the weekend. We went to the parliament and did some shopping as well. The tower and building were very big! I took a lot of pictures and ate some new food and it was a really good day!

Then, the next day, we went the oratory of Saint joseph in Montréal, it was a church with so many candles, and it was very impressive. Also we saw “the basilica our lady”, it was very beautiful with a lot of lights. I had never seen a church like this before and it was very beautiful . When we were heading back to Montréal, we went to ''the big apple” which is an apple factory.

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