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Join a sport team in Canada

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

Hey! This is just my second paper but I thought it was a good idea to explain my experience in joining a sports team at school in Canada, in case this paper can be useful for other people who are about to leave. Indeed at the beginning of the September, Emily(my partner) asked me if I would like to play basketball with her. To be honest I was not really up to do it but after these few weeks I have to say it is a really good experience. It improves your English a lot because you have to understand the rules and play with others .

The thing is I never played it before and its still possible for you to do it, the coach and your teammates will know you for just 2 months of sports. There is always one person to help you, so don't worry and go for it !

Also in my school here and I think in a lot of Canadian schools, sports are in the center of the school. For example, here we had an event last week named battle of the barns. We met another school and their sports teams during an entire day, and that was really fun, all the students were so involved in it and we were all in a good mood to be cheering for our school :)

To end I would say that you should join any sports teams in school if you want to practice. Or if you don't, there are many clubs you can be in if you're not really an

athletic person ( I'm not really but Its still fun). It helps you meet other students and even sometimes other exchange students from other countries.

Thank's for reading !

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