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Life in Canada

I have been in Canada for nearly one month and the time has passed fast here . The three first days we were in Toronto and we went up in the CN Tower . There is a considerable view of lake Ontario . The city is very different from a French city .

We went to Niagara falls and we got a little wet after an tour in a boat . It was very fun !

We also saw my first baseball game which I had in my life seen . there is nice ambiance .

I met Avery’s family in the house of her grand-parents . The house is nearly on the beach of a river . We did a tour in a boat , jumped in the river , paddled , walked on a beach with on amazing sunrise . we also had fire on a beach and roasted mashmallows . It was just a very good time !

In order to go to school , we took the famous yellow bus .

I choose my classes so I have food . In my food class we cook and I learn very a lot new vocabulary . The teacher of our art class is very nice .In English witch international students ( every bodies have smile in this class) I met two friends .

I have began rugby witch Avery, it is very enjoy . Never in my life would I have thought that I’d play rugby .

I’m excited to do my first thanksgiving and my first true Halloween .

I have had a lot adventures but I can’t tell everything . But I have a incredible time with Avery , her family and friends .

We said the Canadian people are nice ,it is true !

see you soon


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