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My first day

Mis à jour : 5 sept. 2019


On Sunday I took a flight to Canada, it was long but I made friends so it wasn’t too boring even though we had to fly 10 hours. We arrived in the Toronto airport at 4:15pm (local hour) and after some customs and waiting time,I finally met my Canadian family. They were waiting for me with a balloon and a sign. I was quite anxious to meet them even if I was really excited to be in Canada. My exchange partner is a YouTuber ( -> Liv Brown ) so she wanted to Vlog our meeting but she missed me but she still ran to me when she saw me. After that we went to a restaurant in Mississauga. And on our way to their house they showed me some big Canadian houses and lake Ontario (their house is about 2 hours from Toronto on the south of Lake Ontario.) When we were in Grimsby I tried Tim Hortons which is a really famous fast food restaurant in Canada. i tried a Ice Capp it was really good. When we went to their house I met the dog and the cat and I unpacked my stuff. my room is really nice and the house too, it is located in a neighbourhood (so American/Canadian). My first day was short but nice and they seemed really nice and funny They made me feel comfortable really fast.


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