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My first week in Canada

Hi! I’m Lou and I’m an exchange student from France who spend 3 month in Canada. I’m really sorry because i don’t write anything since today because my summer was sooo busy. My partner name Ian Emily and her parents are Rob and Soni, they’re really cheerful and funny. Emily have also an older brother, Alexander, but he was in a camp for 3 weeks when I arrived. They have two cats : Dj and Grayson, they‘re brother and it’s really hard to differentiate them. They lives at 20 min of Ottawa center in a cute neighborhoo. My new family is really adorable!

So I’ gonna tell you guys about my first week in Ottawa!

After probably spend an entire day in plane I was so tired and I sleep really well in my bed. The next day, Emily and I made pancakes with maple syrup and it was so good! She’s also show me all the neighborhood and my future school.

The Tuesday we went at Ottawa for visited the Parlement and we tried some weird thing called “Dragon’s Breathe”, it was Cheetos really cold and another thing that’s made smoke, it was really funny!

The Tuesday night I met Emily’s best friends and two of them have exchange student from France too! We ate pizza and talked a lot.

On Friday, we went to the Gallery of Art of Ottawa with Emily’s grandmother see the Gauguin exhibition and the night we went to a fun fair and I met a lot of Emily’s friends.

Thank you for read my first article!

See you guys


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