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🇺🇸My superb week-end at the Six Flags, Darien Lake, USA 🇺🇸 

Dernière mise à jour : 6 sept. 2019

For begin, we went through the border between the Canada and the USA. For that, I haved to create my authorization of exit of territory. After thirty minutes of attend at the border, we were allowed to enter in the United States! 🤩

We drived next to the city of Buffalo who is near the border, and we arrived at our destination: the Six Flags, Darien Lake !

This place is at the same time an amusement park a water park and a camping! So, with Ethan, we slept in a tent, and the rest of the family slept in their camping car.

The Saturday, we did all the Roller Coasters of the park! We love strong feeling! I noticed than the park was really huge! There was a lot of attractions.

At 9 pm, there was a show of lights with musics. That was very amazing.

The Saturday, we jumped immediately at the water park. Big one too! That was very fun!

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