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Spirit week

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

Hi !

I’m sorry I think it’s been 3 weeks at least I didn’t post but I’m gonna fix it!

So this week was an important one in my high school ! It’s calling the “spirit week”.

And the main day of this week is the “Double Blue Day” on this day it’s the Junior boys Football Game.

This week, every day has its own theme and dress code:

Monday, as most of you already know, was Thanksgiving so no school on that day ! And here just a picture of what I eat, it’s like a huge dinner:


Funny socks day


Tropical day


Double Blue Day

So for the Double Blue Day, I let you guess the dress code colors !

In the evening we went to the game against Bluevale, it was my first football game and I really liked it and it’s not just the game I liked but all the things besides such as the ambiance with supporters, and the half-time break when the dance team of both school come to dance.

We had a little bit of snow but the kind of snow you can see but not really feel so it was fine.

A picture with our Highlander’s mascot!

And Friday was pyjama and comfy’s day but I’m sorry I don’t have any photo for this day.

Finally, that was really different to France because it‘s not the kind of week we could have in our school and so I truly liked this great week.

Thanks for reading.

See you soon !

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