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Wasaga Beach

For the first day I woke up in Canada, my host family had prepared for me a beach day.

We woke up really early; at 8 am, because they wanted to be there for a while. We also had to drive for two hours to get there.

We ate breakfast, and we left at 9 am. Everybody fell asleep in the car, and when we got there, it was already really hot outside.

When we arrived, we went swimming in the water, which was quite cold.

I'm used to swimming in awfully cold water in France, so this lake wasn't too bad.

For lunch, we went to Tim Horton's, it was the first time I had been in my life and I was so happy because we don't have any in France.

It was also the first time I had to order food by myself in restaurants. It was really hard but the waiter was very kind.

I finally bought a veggie burger and donuts. It was really good.

After the lunch, we went back to the beach, and I started to build a sand castle with Brooke and Nicole. It was so ugly and weak at the end, but we had lots of fun.

Then, we began to get tan, and we had a nap on the beach.

After a while, we looked for a restaurant for the diner. Because I don't eat meat, they asked me if I liked seafood. I said yes and we decided to go to red lobster, a restaurant located half an hour away from their house.

We all ordered the same thing, it was the classic seafood platter. Everybody enjoyed it, we also ordered drinks, and I was surprised to see that the waitress filled our glasses again after we had finished them. Usually in France, when we buy something to drink at the restaurant, we just have one glass of that drink. If we want more, we have to buy it.

I was really happy about this day, and when we came back home, it was late, so we went to sleep.

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