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Wasaga Beach, the Longest Freshwater Beach in the World

Hello it’s Lise, today let’s talk about Wasaga Beach : I have been to Wasaga Beach many times because it’s not far from Collingwood where I live with my host family. This town is famous because it has the longest freshwater beach in the world, it’s 14 km long, actually it is very impressive…

I went for the first time with my host family at sunset to see this beach and it was very beautiful, I then went back to see it with a friend of my exchange partner before a hockey practice. It was the first time that I had seen a hockey practice. It was a bit impressive because the players wear a lot of padding for protection and I didn’t understand why until the first hockey puck hit against the wall with a big sound… Back to Wasaga Beach before the hockey practice, I saw a beautiful sunset there and I was amazed with the beauty of the landscape.

Then, I went a third time there with Tabitha, her friend, and his Dad who has a big boat and we went for a ride on the Bay and the river. It was windy and it was very funny with the waves. I came out of this expedition a little bit wet.

Finally, the last time that I went to Wasaga Beach was to play mini golf like in Port Dover, as well as Go Karts and softball which was very cool. It was my first time playing softball because in France it is not very popular. It is quite the same thing as baseball as you have a bat and you have to strike the ball which arrived in front of you pretty fast. The only differences is the ball is bigger and the pitch is underarm. Since I have been in Canada I have seen many baseball matches on TV and I thought that it was simple to strike the ball but I learned very quickly that it wasn’t… I think out of the ten the machine sent me I hit only two. But that’s okay as it was a very fun experience.

Well, I guess that I will come back to Wasaga Beach more because there is a lot to do over there.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next article.



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